Archives: April2007

  • Gamesnobbery: A Study in High-Falutin’ Geekery

    Anyone who plays games has at least one obnoxious, know-it-all friend who thinks he’s the authority on gaming. (Note: if you don’t have a friend like this, then the obnoxious know-it-all is you.) That friend thinks he’s the best at every game—all the games that count anyway—he’s sure to have a strong opinion about which games are worth playing and which ones you’d have to be an idiot to enjoy. He’s up on all the latest and most obscure import [...]

  • God of War – the Non-Ladies Man

    Is it absolutely necessary that the women in God of War II be so damn ugly? I just finished playing the game and I was amazed that they somehow managed to make the environments gorgeous and the female characters utterly wretched. I remember thinking the same thing in God of War the First—that the artists who made the female models either were misogynists or had never actually seen a woman’s body. It’s funny too considering both games have erotic little [...]

  • Adventure Games Resurrected

    I’ve been lamenting the death of adventure games since 1999 or so, after the last Gabriel Knight game came out. I’d just discovered the joy of PC adventure gaming in 1996 and was living in a fool’s paradise, thinking the genre would go on forever. Little did I know it’d be stomped into the ground by the Great Console Uprising. Once people got themselves a taste of the ol’ plug-and-play, it was all over. No one wanted to spend half [...]