Archives: February2009

  • A History of Bad Neighbors

    The latest crappy neighbor incident set me thinking about all the weirdos I’ve lived next to in the past. I’m wondering–is this what every apartment-dweller goes through or do I just have uncommonly bad luck? For all the people who made my life that much more like a Hitchcock movie – this one’s for you. First apartment–Albuquerque, New MexicoThe first place I ever lived in was a complete shithole near the University of New Mexico. My mom, who hated my [...]

  • Insane Emo Neighbors

    Very tired today because the apartment full of youngsters across the way kept me awake until 3 am. I rose foggily out of sleep around 1:50 to the sound of our door buzzer going off. I laid there for a second, thinking it was just some passing joker until I heard frantic, drunken screaming coming from the street. Right away I knew it had to be the group of idiot kids who moved in a few months ago. I’m not [...]

  • Beer and Loafing in Albuquerque

    It’s been a week since I landed in ABQ. The city’s somnambulance settled over me by the second day, in spite of my attempt to keep up with my exercise regimen by running around and around the track at my old middle school. As usual, I came intending to use the time to work on my drawing and as usual, the lack of ambition I feel every time I set foot in this state prevented me from doing anything but [...]

  • A Woman’s Place…is at PR Events

    I know this and YOU know this, but it seems the event organizers and even most of the attendees at these things still need a while to catch on. I frequently go to events promoting new game titles and my experience is always the same. I show up, I’m greeted at the door by the PR reps who nine times out of ten are women–and that’s the last time I see anyone of the female persuasion. Ok maybe I’m exaggerating [...]

  • Long time, no post

    Well, this is embarrassing. It looks like the Baron hasn’t had anything to say since April 2007 but looks can be deceiving. ‘Fact is, the Baron’s been up to his eyeballs in oh let’s say…”life” since then, not to mention jumping into finally getting paid to put words together. There hasn’t been much time to ruminate, proselytize, advocate or defend. But those non-verbal days are over! The Baron is back.