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  • 2009 Game Developer’s Conference Journal – Day 4

    I was definitely dragging Thursday morning after that long Wednesday. I thought I might chance getting a few z’s on the bus but I made the mistake of boarding a bus driven by an extra from the Road Warrior. And here we have another installment of… ADVENTURES ON THE #71 HAIGHT/NORIEGA BUS This bus driver obviously held a serious grudge against passengers as shown by his propensity for putting the pedal to the metal as little old ladies hobbled to [...]

  • 2009 Game Developer’s Conference Journal – Day 3

    Day three proved to be my busiest. It was 10 hours of meeting after meeting with game publishers showing their products, some more interesting than others (the products, not the publishers) followed by a two hour awards show. All told, I was at the conference for 12 hours and that far exceeded the limit of my endurance, delicate flower that I am. I could feel myself flagging about midday while walking around the crowded expo hall. Tired of the noise [...]

  • 2009 Game Developer’s Conference Journal – Day 2

    Today was exceedingly boring – insofar as wacky stuff happening to me. Conference meetings were good but the peripheral experience was very unusual because normally every time I go downtown, something ridiculous happens to me. I guess that’s why I moved away from Albuquerque to the “big city”. I guess New Mexico just wasn’t fulfilling my need for more crazy/potentially dangerous social encounters. Since I really have nothing to say about the conference itself, and the only anecdote worth telling [...]

  • 2009 Game Developer’s Conference Journal – Day 1

    Yup, it’s the first day of what will likely be a long week. It started out with the traditional stinky bus ride to Moscone which was made even more interesting by the bus driver. The guy had so many gold teeth and chunky gold rings on his fingers, I’m figuring someone swapped his high school vocational test results because no way should he have been driving a bus. I asked if the bus I was on stopped at 4th and [...]