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  • That’s why they call it the “Stupor Shuttle”

    I mentioned in my previous post that last Sunday my husband and I had the worst airport shuttle experience of our lives. Well, that was probably an exaggeration. Considering how many bad experiences we’ve had with Super Shuttle, it’s a close call which one could be called the absolute worst. We’ve had too-fast drivers, too-slow drivers, drivers who’ve nearly veered off the freeway while staring at their cell phones and drivers who’ve driven us needlessly across the city. We’ve had [...]

  • 13 Hours from Albuquerque to ‘Frisco

    Isn’t that a Glen Campbell song? OK, maybe not. But it was the actual number of hours it took me to get back to San Francisco after two weeks visiting my ol’ New Mexico home. Me and travel have a love-hate relationship. I love it and it hates me. Nothing thrills me more than the notion of seeing a new plac but getting there for me is usually an experience that ranges from moderate annoyance to full-on pain in the [...]