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  • E3 Journal: Day 2 – Shuttles, lovely shuttles.

    Most of my visit to L.A., the weather was uncharacteristically cloudy and cooler than it normally would be in June. Tuesday though, around noontime when the Nintendo conference let out, it started heating up. In a move that could be thought considerate from one angle and piracy from another, Sony had shuttle buses waiting outside the Nokia center to take everyone straight from the Nintendo conference to the Sony conference. None of the journalists had any problem with that since [...]

  • E3 Journal: Day 2 “How to go to an early press conference on 4 hours of sleep.”

    Dammit. I hardly slept at all last night due to the crazies across the courtyard who were carrying on until the wee hours. It’s a conference, and people are here to have fun but come ON. I finally did the crotchety old lady thing and called the front desk to complain, and they said, “Do you mind if we send security up to your room so they can see where the problem is?” I said “sure”, noted my pathetic raccoon-eyed [...]

  • E3 Journal: Day 1 – Ubisoft Press Conference (or “How rats almost ate my shoes”)

    The Ubisoft Press Conference was scheduled to happen two hours after the EA one, and at another beautiful theater just down the block. I didn’t exactly have an invite to the event but I planned to crash it (in the most polite sense possible) anyway. I went there with my buddy Matt, who’s also a freelance journalist, and we took our places at the end of a very long line outside the venue. Now you’d imagine that the folks running [...]

  • E3 Journal – Day 1, EA Press Conference

    I hadn’t been to E3 since 2006. That was before they reorganized it into the small, scattered, ultimately unsuccessful event it was for two years running. Hearing it was going back to the old format, I figured I’d once again give it a go. Last trip I tried to save a few bucks by staying 45 minutes south of downtown. Big mistake. After a long day on the exhibit floor, the last thing you need is to sit in traffic [...]