E3 Journal: Day 2 “How to go to an early press conference on 4 hours of sleep.”

Dammit. I hardly slept at all last night due to the crazies across the courtyard who were carrying on until the wee hours.

It’s a conference, and people are here to have fun but come ON. I finally did the crotchety old lady thing and called the front desk to complain, and they said, “Do you mind if we send security up to your room so they can see where the problem is?” I said “sure”, noted my pathetic raccoon-eyed appearance in the mirror and sat down wearily on the edge of the bed to wait. Fifteen minutes passed and no one came.

After another twenty minutes, exhaustion overcame me and I risked lying down. ‘Dude must have found the culprits’ room because although no one ever came, the yahoos across the way finally quieted down and I crashed out with the lights on.

I got up at 7 am to go to Nintendo’s press conference. Who the hell holds a press conference you have to register for at 8 am? No one in the game industry is awake before 10 so I don’t know what they were thinking unless it was, “We’re Nintendo–eff you!” Normally a hot shower does me a world of good on a morning like that but the shower in my dee-luxe room did nothing to wake me up since it had one of those low water pressure “rain” shower heads that are about as effective as showering under a leaky faucet.

Due to airport regulations, and my abhorrence of checking bags, I hadn’t brought any shampoo with me so I was forced to use the generic stuff found in the room. Why do they even give you that stuff? It doesn’t lather and since my reluctant shower head was unable to rinse it out, all I accomplished by using it was de-sheening my hair and making it sticky.

Despite the bad start, I felt better once I got out of my room and started walking toward the convention center. I’ve noticed that even the slummiest of slums looks better in the early morning, and I enjoyed looking for a cafe where I could grab a cup ‘o joe and something to eat. Good thing I enjoyed the search because I found neither and had to settle for a can of lukewarm Coke at the Nokia center.

Nintendo started out with their familiar mantra “everyone’s game” and presented a lot of casual titles in support of it. The silliest of these was a new series called “James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club, Games of Passion.” Is it just me or did Nintendo just start making interactive romance novels? I’m surprised Fabio wasn’t there to support the brand.

The oddest product Nintendo presented was the “Wii Vitality Sensor” which looks like those things you put your finger in at Walgreen’s to check your heart rate. Nintendo’s Global President, Satoru Iwata is apparently convinced that this little “relaxation device” is the answer to alleviating the pressure of our high-stress modern lifestyle but somehow I can’t see myself voluntarily sitting at a table for hours with my finger in a clamp.

The only gasp-inducing announcement of the day was that of the upcoming Metroid Other M game being made for the Wii in collaboration with Team Ninja. I really should play more Metroid games because at this point, just like the public’s love of Katie Couric, I just don’t get it.

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