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  • The meanest post office in San Francisco

    …is the branch located on the Presidio. I haven’t been there in at least a year–ever since I left LucasArts, but my visit there this morning confirms that nothing has changed. During my tenure at LEC, there was an older woman working there who’s the dictionary definition of “battlaxe”. She’s wizened and sour-faced and uses her graying Moe Howard haircut (paradoxically) to heighten her intimidation factor. Every time I’d visit, whether there were ten people in line or I had [...]

  • Design Drawing – Work day 2

    I knew today would be painful and I was right. My biggest weakness (aside from perspective, still life, architecture and composition) is seeing tone and so it took a lot of courage to get through today’s exercise. The point was to again draw the same scene as the first two drawings but this time, use nothing but tone to render it using a black Prismacolor pencil. The tone is applied in strokes going the same direction as the plane it [...]

  • Design drawing: work day 1

    Well, true to my word, I went out to Office Max today, bought my nifty little technical pens, dug out the ol’ T-square, and started work. The following are my first attempts at design drawing, warts and all. The first exercise is to draw the same environment multiple times, employing different techniques. The first is a basic line drawing with all line weights the same. Being self-conscious of my inability to render architecture, I figured I’d stay inside where no [...]

  • And so…it begins.

    After seeing “Julie and Julia” this weekend, I’ve decided I’m starting a little blog project of my own. I suffer from the same disability as author Julie Powell did – that is, the inability to finish anything I start and so in the interest of becoming more artistically productive, I thought I’d take a page out of her book. After all, wasn’t it Picasso who once said, “When you see a good idea – feel free to rip it off”? [...]

  • Somehow Stephanie Meyer makes vampires even stupider than Anne Rice.

    So not long ago I saw the movie “Twilight”. Having heard that it was a teen romance, I hesitated but since it had vampires, I figured “how bad can it be?” Pretty bad, it turns out. In spite of the ethereal hotness of actors Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart, the film is a mawkish mess. Numerous times I felt myself cringing during the absurdly sophisticated sounding exchanges among what are supposed to be high school seniors. I don’t know what [...]