Design drawing: work day 1

Well, true to my word, I went out to Office Max today, bought my nifty little technical pens, dug out the ol’ T-square, and started work. The following are my first attempts at design drawing, warts and all.

The first exercise is to draw the same environment multiple times, employing different techniques. The first is a basic line drawing with all line weights the same.

Being self-conscious of my inability to render architecture, I figured I’d stay inside where no one could see me and pick a vista inside my small one-bedroom apartment. I soon realized my apartment is decidedly lacking in vistas. I ended up sitting on the floor in the hallway, looking into my kitchen. I wish there were more opportunities for interesting overlap in this composition, but people who refuse to go outside can’t complain about limited options.

I drew the whole thing in pencil first, with much erasing (how could I forget to buy a big fat eraser?) and even more cursing as I repeatedly tried and failed to get the perspective and proportions right. Finally, in the interest of not erasing a hole through the paper, I went with what I had. The results are unspectacular I admit, but at least I’m on my way.

The second drawing is a line drawing of the same scene, but the idea is to make the lines thicker wherever something overlaps something else.

Drawing the scene was a little easier this time; I even got the proportions of the kitchen a wee bit more correct. Still, the composition and perspective are awkward here and there. In fact, I’m pretty sure that doorframe exists simultaneously in both our world and one parallel to it. Anyway, I like how the thicker lines make the kitchen recede behind the doorway.

Ah well. That’s four and a half hours of diligent effort I’ve put in so far and I have the aching back and leg cramps to prove it. Tomorrow – tone!

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