Design Drawing – Work day 2

I knew today would be painful and I was right. My biggest weakness (aside from perspective, still life, architecture and composition) is seeing tone and so it took a lot of courage to get through today’s exercise.

The point was to again draw the same scene as the first two drawings but this time, use nothing but tone to render it using a black Prismacolor pencil. The tone is applied in strokes going the same direction as the plane it represents. My tonal drawings have always been very blah, getting stuck in the narrowest range of dull middle greys so today’s lackluster result is no surprise.

Upon finishing it, I could tell it wasn’t looking too hot but scanning it really pointed out the lack of contrast. A beginner like me probably would have benefited from drawing a more strongly-lit scene.

This exercise was really challenging because somehow I kept forgetting that the point of this exercise is to indicate planar orientation through tone, not to create the drawing equivalent of overcooked oatmeal. Sigh…

A teacher once told me that to learn how to draw, I’d have to have a huge stack of ugly drawings under my belt. So here’s to one more ugly drawing! Next up – tone-of-lines.

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