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  • Design Drawing – Work Day 4

    Today’s exercise utilizes tone AND line to approach the rendering. I felt certain things about this were successful but as usual, when I scanned the thing I saw all kinds of tonal imbalances I couldn’t see before. Whew….almost done with this scene. Only one more rendering of it and I’m glad because I’m sick of it. My back will thank me too since I won’t be sitting on the floor for hours anymore.

  • Design Drawing continues! Work Day 3

    Well, after being gone on vacation for 10 days I’m back to the drawing project. This one made me revisit my horrible undergraduate days in my one design class where I unfailingly managed to make a crooked, blot-filled mess of every technical pen drawing I was asked to make. Some of us are just straight-edge and T-square challenged and some of us also have been cursed with unsteady hands. For some reason today my hand’s shaking more than usual even [...]