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  • E3 2010 (Actual) Day 2

    Second day of the show and it proved to be a great one as far as people watching goes. Or I should say, celebrity spotting. I actually had an appointment to see a new-ish product called Yoostar that lets you take your favorite scenes from classic films and insert your own godawful performances into them. It’s kinda like movie karaoke. Anyway, I had an appointment to see the product and interview Avatar star, Zoe Saldana. When I got there, there [...]

  • E3 2010 (Actual) Day 1

    First day the show floor is open and I spent it locked in my hotel room writing. Thank god I had a large McDonald’s latte and a scrumptious Bubu Lubu–a mexican candy bar with strawberry jelly, chocolate and marshmallow. Breakfast of champions. Around noon I headed to the Convention Center, grabbed a bite at Lucky Strike (from a decidedly disinterested barmaid), then went to see the hit of this year’s E3 – the Nintendo 3DS. The line to see this [...]

  • E3 2010 (Pre) Day 2

    Today, all went according to plan aside from the crazy ladies I encountered at both the beginning and the end of it. Walking to my first appointment at the Wilshire Grand, I was crossing a freeway overpass. As I came up level with what looked like a perfectly normal woman, she turned to me and said, “Hi” so I said “Hi” back. She laughed maniacally and said, “No – I’m not talking to YOU. I’m talking to myself!” That’ll show [...]

  • E3 2010 (Pre) Day 1

    Well here I am in downtown L.A., resting up at the always-classy Rodeway Inn after a busy day of pre-show activity. Today had a rough start in Albuquerque due to two rambunctious 3 month old Corgi pups who wanted a play break at 3 in the a.m. Somehow, we can’t get it through their furry little heads that night time is for sleeping. Then again, how can you expect to reason with creatures who spend half the time eating their [...]