E3 2010 (Pre) Day 2

Today, all went according to plan aside from the crazy ladies I encountered at both the beginning and the end of it.

Walking to my first appointment at the Wilshire Grand, I was crossing a freeway overpass. As I came up level with what looked like a perfectly normal woman, she turned to me and said, “Hi” so I said “Hi” back. She laughed maniacally and said, “No – I’m not talking to YOU. I’m talking to myself!” That’ll show me to make eye contact.
E3 2010 017
Later, at the end of the day, I was walking back toward my hotel during “magic hour”, admiring the brilliant, smog-induced sunset when this woman scared the hell out of me by coming up from behind and saying frantically, “Don’t they SEE the sun’s going down!? Don’t they KNOW they’re coming for us?!” I agreed and walked faster, hoping this drugged out Chicken Little wouldn’t stab me in the neck.

I went to the EA Press Conference in the afternoon, after grabbing some questionable sushi from a convenience store. I rounded the corner to the Orpheum theater and groaned when I saw the line to get inside wrapped clear around the block. I and a big crowd of other hot, sweaty people were forced to stand around for half an hour before they let us in and I swear I could feel my scalp sizzling.

I went to the Ubisoft press conference afterwards at the nearby Los Angeles theater and although I love these old places, I hate their utter lack of climate control.
E3 2010 020small
You get inside and it’s all you can do to concentrate on the presentation while perspiring like a Mint Julep on an August day in Georgia. I got so moist, my special Ubisoft stamp started melting right off.
E3 2010 021small

Ubisoft showed a number of new games, some good, some not so good. One of the weirdest was a relaxation game called Innergy, that uses a weirdly phallic body sensor.
E3 2010 022small
This little thing proved to be the basis for host Joel McHale’s only funny joke of the evening. He was told to put it on his finger and said, “Oh thank god it’s my finger!”

The presentation ended with a fairly cheesy dance routine announcing Ubisoft’s new partnership with Michael Jackson’s estate. If the old “Beat it” video seems corny and dated by today’s standards, just try watching a half-assed, live recreation of it.
E3 2010 023small

Walking home after the conferences was one of the best experiences of the day and it afforded me a couple of interesting store front glimpses into local culture…
E3 2010 025small

…and the local jewelry trade.
E3 2010 026small
Thank god that fourteen carat diamond won’t turn my finger green.

The day ended (post-crazy lady) with a picturesque walk to my motel home-away-from-home.
E3 2010 027small

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