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  • 21 Hours Left in Montreal

    Today it drizzled the whole day, nonstop. The kind of day that chills you to the bone and makes you wish your glasses had wipers; my kind of weather. I got up in time to go to the hotel’s Mezzanine level for breakfast, went to the restaurant and sat down with my newspaper. My voucher entitled me to an “American” breakfast. It’s always entertaining to see how other countries interpret American. What American breakfast means in Montreal is powdered scrambled [...]

  • 43 More hours in Montreal

    Yes, hard to believe I was just here 2 weeks ago but here I am again in beautiful downtown Montreal. I flew through Atlanta this time and was extremely foolish not to eat between flights. Since 8 am all I’ve had to eat is a handful of airline peanuts and a soy latte. The trip was mostly uneventful. The highlight of my hour in Atlanta were these trash-eating garbage cans. They plug into the wall and when you toss something [...]