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  • Post-Ignite

    Well, the Ignite press event went well, with Namco announcing a lot of projects in the works that are reinventing old IP. Among less compelling titles were three of some interest: a shooter called Inversion that utilizes a gravity manipulation mechanic, a fantasy action/adventure called Knight’s Contract and a sequel to the sadistic gamer-basher, Demon’s Souls called not-so-imaginatively, Dark Souls. Oh, and there were Power Rangers! You can’t beat that with a stick. After a full day of game announcements [...]

  • Ignite Press Event in SF

    Well, I’m back in the old home town of San Francisco thanks to the generous people at Namco Bandai for an all day press event. Despite a complete white out in New Mexico (and horrifically bad roads -if it’d been Chicago, they’d have been clear by 6 a.m. but New Mexicans don’t know what to do with snow), I got to SF w/out incident and surprisingly, w/out any fellow travelers totally annoying me along the way. Got to SF around [...]