Ignite Press Event in SF

Well, I’m back in the old home town of San Francisco thanks to the generous people at Namco Bandai for an all day press event. Despite a complete white out in New Mexico (and horrifically bad roads -if it’d been Chicago, they’d have been clear by 6 a.m. but New Mexicans don’t know what to do with snow), I got to SF w/out incident and surprisingly, w/out any fellow travelers totally annoying me along the way.

Got to SF around 3, just in time for a quick stop at Beard Papa, then a brisk walk to the Ferry Building where I met up with my Spanish class buddy Claire for a glass of wine at the Wine Merchant. Balmy here in SF – compared to 18 degrees in ABQ (forecast -9 tomorrow. yikes!) and had plenty of time for a beautiful walk through the Ferry Bldg, a cup o’ joe at Blue Bottle and a stroll up Embarcadero.

What the…?

Wrapped the evening up with a walk back to my hotel (the Intercontinental, fancy but too cheap to give free Internet – had to pay $14.95 for it! Ridiculous.) and some take home sushi from the nearby Westfield Mall. Nothing untoward happened on the way home, unless you count a hassle with a self-checkout machine at CVS when I stopped for a new hairbrush. Man…uneventful trip thus far. The most exciting thing has been getting a juvenile laugh at this take out bag.

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