Well, the Ignite press event went well, with Namco announcing a lot of projects in the works that are reinventing old IP. Among less compelling titles were three of some interest: a shooter called Inversion that utilizes a gravity manipulation mechanic, a fantasy action/adventure called Knight’s Contract and a sequel to the sadistic gamer-basher, Demon’s Souls called not-so-imaginatively, Dark Souls. Oh, and there were Power Rangers! You can’t beat that with a stick.

After a full day of game announcements and hands-on time, I spent the evening as every visitor to beautiful San Francisco would – sitting in my hotel room writing. I did stop at the Cheesecake Factory though and grab a bite to eat on the terrace overlooking Union Square. It’s amazing what being in a great city can do to up your overall morale.

This morning after a luxurious night’s sleep in my cushy bed at the Intercontinental Hotel (immaculate and comfortable but not particularly stylish), I checked out and went for breakfast at the Grove cafe across from the SFMOMA. I’d gone there once last year and was totally irritated at their bad attitude and stinginess with the wifi but thought I’d try them again.

Big mistake. I ordered a cafe au lait with a lox and cream cheese bagel – the bagel had a nauseating amount of cream cheese on it and the lox tasted fishy and then the surly dude making my au lait filled it way too high and then slopped coffee all over my saucer as he shoved it angrily toward me. Don’t you love dripping coffee into your lap every time you lift your cup? I know I do.

That’s it Grove – you can take your overpriced bagels and “funky” decor and shove ‘em! Oh an thanks for the bad salmon stomach ache I’ll be suffering for the next six hours. Guh…

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