GDC 2011 Day 1- planes, pains and hideous paint jobs

Guh, it’s after midnight and from 8 this morning it’s been go, go, go. My plane from Albuquerque left at a decent hour rather than crack-of-the-dawn’s-ass and the ride to Denver was uneventful. The layover in Denver was short–just long enough to find my contribution to the “Look at this fucking hipster” website.

I’m all for flamboyance but from the girl’s shiny satin pants, faux fur and panda-bear socks to the dude’s purposely too-small coat/pant combo and Hello Kitty luggage pins, it seemed to me these two were trying just a weensy bit too hard.

Anyway, the plane from Denver to SF was chock-full of Denver developers like the guys from Illfonic and even a sort-of celebrity, Brian Crescente of Kotaku. With that many game peeps on board, it could’ve been the GDC party plane if not for a nut three rows back who decided to have a meltdown.

Before we even took off, I heard raised voices and half turned just in time to hear a graying woman wearing a Michael Jackson-style surgical mask on her face, angrily tell the steward, “leave me alone” and “don’t speak to me again!” She claimed not to feel well, whereupon the steward suggested perhaps she shouldn’t fly, which really pissed her off. The flight was relatively peaceful but was bookended with more of the same by this mysterious masked avenger giving the other steward what-for in the very same words, although this time at a full-on maniacal scream.

When they opened the doors, the pissy passenger got up, hung one overstuffed backpack on the front of her and one on the back of her and made as if to plow through an entire aisle full of people. She seemed fine (at least physically) but suddenly we were all made to sit down again so a paramedic and fireman could come onto the plane and escort her out. Yay for airplane crazies.

I made it to my hotel and found myself more or less right in the ‘Loin at Hotel Adante, which from what I can tell by the surroundings, is Italian for “hideous murals”. The lobby had a horrible one of a “quaint” village with 3D roofs poking brazenly out of the frame and my room well, my room is festooned with the damn things. Ah yes, I can feel myself slipping away into dreamland now to the sound of gently lapping waves…

And no classy hotel bathroom is complete w/out wall paintings of fish over the toilet.

Geezus, they’re everywhere.

It’s an old building of course, smells musty, the walls have a lilac plaster job that makes them look like they’ve been covered in old chewing gum and I’m a little afraid of the bed. I also am not too keen on the decorative ironing board.

Sigh…I’d gotten so spoiled staying at nice places like the W and the Intercontinental but such is life when you’re not traveling on the company dime. What’s that they say? Something about champagne taste and a beer budget? Ah well, if things get too unbearable, I can always move to the nearby Hotel California.

I always wondered where that was! What a nice surprise…bring your alibis.

Today was short, with only three events. So far I’ve seen Infamous 2, Battlefield 3, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, Dream Trigger 3DS and Gods Eater Burst (what are the Japanese thinking with these names??)
I’m totally beat although it was less than half a day. Scary, considering how many appts I have tomorrow.

And with that, I best get to spreading all my clothes on the bed so I can sleep without touching the covers…

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