Archives: May2011

  • Southwest Fables: The Cockroach

    A cockroach lived in a house where he spent his days skittering and skulking. He loved outsmarting the home-owner so when smashed with a broom he’d play dead then bolt off, laughing. He’d survived cat attacks, kleenex-smashings and black widow spiders and when faced with roach motels, he’d giggle and tap-dance through the cereal boxes. Feeling invincible, he was enjoying a backyard puddle when he noticed his antennae were burning. Seized with a fiery pain, he dragged himself onto the [...]

  • Southwest Fables: The Pit Bull and the Chihuahua

    There once was a pit bull who liked napping on hot days under a cottonwood tree. One blistering day, he woke to find a chihuahua on his back. “Orale—what are you doing?” he said. “I’m resting, pendejo.” “Rest somewhere else.” “You can’t make me.” Growing angry, the pit bull ran, jumped and rolled but nothing could shake the chihuahua. “Ha! Try again pendejo!” Finally, the pit bull lay still. “Good. Now stay, pendejo,” the chihuahua said, settling in to sleep. [...]

  • OK, that tears it

    After years of having my opinions squelched, I’m going to revamp my writing website and create a games-only blog portion where I can spout off about anything my black little heart desires. Every ambitious woman hits that glass ceiling sooner or later so I’m not sure why I was surprised when I felt and heard the inevitable “clonk” this last week. It’s especially ridiculous considering I walked into this “boys only – no girls allowed” industry nine years ago with [...]

  • Note to self: Chicago has TWO airports

    So, finally we’re back home but not without overstaying our Chicago welcome by 24 hours thanks to yours truly. Thursday afternoon, after a full week of nonstop eating, we packed up all our stuff and hopped on the blue line train to O’Hare. The highlight of the trip was a big, scary crazy guy who looked kinda like a 6 ft 5 Anthony Hopkins from that mediocre Cuba Gooding movie, Instinct. He got on the train with his pants unzipped, [...]

  • Pancakes, pugs, peanuts and Portillo’s

    We spent a couple days north of downtown at Laura P.’s and finished our stay by stopping by M. Henrietta, a cozy little breakfast joint a block or two from Laura’s place and right next to the Granville “L” stop. I had blackberry pancakes that were quite delicious and they serve Metropolis coffee, which makes a most excellent brew. If I ever moved back, this stylish, homey little place would quickly become one of my favorite. Saturday morning we made [...]

  • A visit to The House on the Rock

    For years I’ve been wanting to bring Nick out to the Midwest so I could take him to see The House on the Rock. It’s one of those experiences that defies description. People just don’t get it unless they’ve seen it for themselves. Built by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright’s who added his own cheesy velvet-painting aesthetic to Wright’s signature prairie style, it looks like a groovy, shag-carpeted lair built for some psychotic ’60s super villain. We took the [...]

  • A visit to the old neighborhood(s)

    Post hotdogs, we drove up north to Evanston, where I passed two years of my misspent youth. The place has changed a lot, having added a lot of new high rise housing and a huge shopping complex. It’s lost a bit of its character as a result, but I’m sure the NU students probably appreciate having somewhere to go. It was cold and windy so we stopped for a cup o’ joe at a local cafe which was run by [...]

  • Back to that same old place…sweet home, Chicago

    Well it’s taken six long years but finally I’m back in the Windy City. Last time Nick and I were here it was ten below zero and we were freezing our tookuses (tooki?) off. This go-round it’s holding firm at about 60 degrees and overcast with occasional showers. First thing Nick wanted to do was head to local hole in the wall, Hot Doug’s. My good friend Laura P. who we came to visit, laughed at us for heading to [...]