A visit to the old neighborhood(s)

Post hotdogs, we drove up north to Evanston, where I passed two years of my misspent youth. The place has changed a lot, having added a lot of new high rise housing and a huge shopping complex. It’s lost a bit of its character as a result, but I’m sure the NU students probably appreciate having somewhere to go. It was cold and windy so we stopped for a cup o’ joe at a local cafe which was run by three hipsterettes who were caught up in an argument about whether or not “White Wedding” was sung by David Bowie. Ho BOY, I’m old.

We made a quick stop at Bennison’s Bakery for a couple of sweet treats (the place was at least 30% responsible for my butt growing two sizes during grad school.) After, we drove back south through Andersonville, stopping long enough to browse the shops a little bit, then continued on to Wrigleyville to Goose Island Brewery.

We tried a flight of their beers…

…and then settled on the Pere Jacques for Nick and the Matilda for me. Good stuff and I love the chalices with the little geese.

On the walk around Lakeview afterward, we saw that our old boss George has a Greek doppelganger who’s big into Chicago real estate.

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