Southwest Fables: The Cockroach

A cockroach lived in a house where he spent his days skittering and skulking. He loved outsmarting the home-owner so when smashed with a broom he’d play dead then bolt off, laughing. He’d survived cat attacks, kleenex-smashings and black widow spiders and when faced with roach motels, he’d giggle and tap-dance through the cereal boxes.

Feeling invincible, he was enjoying a backyard puddle when he noticed his antennae were burning. Seized with a fiery pain, he dragged himself onto the porch and saw the home-owner with a strange man. Though in pain he chuckled, thinking once again he’d escape—and was utterly dissolved by an acid-like spray.

Moral: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger—until someone calls the Orkin man.

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