You’ve won THIS time, E3 but I’ll be back!

Oy vey. Woke up to the sound of someone in the hotel room behind mine vomiting copiously. Little did I know that would set the tone for my entire day.

My last day at E3 got hosed by an unexpected stomach bug. And no, it wasn’t the kind you get from drinking too many sidecars and gin fizzes.
I was fine when I went to bed last night but this morning, boy howdy – it wasn’t pretty. I stiffened the ol’ upper lip as much as possible however, and dragged myself to the show. I managed to last about three hours before nearly keeling over.

That sucked big time b/c there were a lot of titles I wanted to check out and as it was, I barely got to glance at the Kinect titles (I even planned to make a complete fool of myself playing Dance Central 2 on stage but was too nauseous to do so) and spend a little time at the Konami booth and then it was all over. It was go back to the hotel or risk barfing in front of thousands of gamers.

I slept all afternoon, still felt awful, and forced myself to go to the Video Games Live show since I’d already bought a ticket. Trust me, I more than half considered blowing it off, as bad as I felt. I’m glad I didn’t, even though it wasn’t easy to stay vertical throughout the whole thing.

Some seriously talented people taking part in that show and it was really gratifying to see how many female composers have become an integral part of the game industry. In addition to composers, there were many talented musicians in the show including Laura Intravia, aka – “Flute Link” who played a couple of gorgeous tunes from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross and if playing flute isn’t enough, she also sings like an angel.

She had to share the stage with another prodigy, Martin Leung, who won the world over originally by playing Mario music blindfolded. He received a standing ovation for recreating that feat and expanding upon it live, on stage, and also played the Zelda theme a la Chopin (though I admit I was a little lost on the Chopin thing).

Another highlight was watching a Guitar Hero expert come up on stage and play the Foo Fighters’ “Pretender” on Expert. Holy crap – that kid rocked.

Anyway, I’m outta LA tomorrow morning so there’s no going back to the exhibit floor and that totally sucks. You’ve won this time, E3, but with God as my witness, I’ll never go hungry again! Er…I will be back!

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