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  • Sketch Crawl 2012 – the Zoo

    Well despite the chilly, damp weather, my friend Ann and I braved the San Francisco Zoo yesterday for what was for me, the first sketch crawl in at least a year. It wasn’t easy keeping the lines under control while shivering but we did our level best. One up side to going on a day like that – the place was empty! My favorite animals of the day? “Cynthia and Zakary” – a mother/baby koala combo who were adorably cute [...]

  • Superheroes: Icons of Good, Evil and Everything in Between Exhibition Photos

    As of last weekend, the art show I co-curated in Albuquerque is closed but the fine folks at 516 Arts sent me some gorgeous exhibition photos and I just had to share a few of them. The show was great in person, but these photos really do an amazing job of making the setup look good. I can’t figure out why WordPress doesn’t want to include all the captions/credits on these photos… “Mr. Bends” – Esteban Bojorquez “Bik’eh Hozho” – [...]

  • Milestone 1 approved – wahoo!!

    Well, it was a nerve-wracking week, pulling together my first game concept. I’ve done it informally before of course, but never actually put it together in a cohesive format. I submitted it late last night and waited until this morning with baited breath and to my complete and utter surprise, it was accepted without qualification. I’m stoked!! Now if only the rest of the milestones could go as smoothly…

  • Worst…blogger…ever

    I realized today that I’ve got like, three posts since June of last year. Pathetic! I meant for this blog to chronicle all the cool stuff I have going on in my life – looks like my life hasn’t been very cool, as this sink-face will readily attest. Thankfully, that’s about to change. This month I start work on my first ever professional video game script and I’m stoked! I’ve been doing a lot of writing on my own, working [...]

  • Home made holiday cards – ten years and counting!

    Yup, it was ten years ago I started making my own holiday cards. Originally I thought it was the kind of thing artsy-fartsy types exchanged with their artsy fartsy friends. The problem is, there never was much of what you could call an “exchange”. Year after year, I mailed out stacks of cards and got nothing back and then it occurred to me – my friends while artsy-fartsy, are also lazy, tech-saturated bastards who can’t be bothered to answer an [...]

  • Once more…with felting.

    Well, my latest goofy attempt at being creative involves lots of dyed raw wool and a host of very, very sharp needles. I saw a talented young guy at a crafts fair in San Jose, selling the cutest little felted animal sculptures and determined that I too, needed to felt. I bought one of his little kits (an owl) and made my first felted sculpture in a felt-by-numbers kind of way. Having had a modicum of success with that, I [...]