Home made holiday cards – ten years and counting!

Yup, it was ten years ago I started making my own holiday cards. Originally I thought it was the kind of thing artsy-fartsy types exchanged with their artsy fartsy friends. The problem is, there never was much of what you could call an “exchange”. Year after year, I mailed out stacks of cards and got nothing back and then it occurred to me – my friends while artsy-fartsy, are also lazy, tech-saturated bastards who can’t be bothered to answer an email using full sentences let alone make and mail a holiday card.

To be fair, the holidays are a crazy time and most of us have a thousand things going on during them; is it any wonder holiday greetings end up at the bottom of the priority list? Still, if we can’t stop during Christmas to let the people we love know we’re thinking about them, then when can we?

For me, making holiday cards is a means of forcing myself to really acknowledge the season and think about my family and friends. It’s not even about getting anything back from anyone – it’s about imagining the smile on the recipient’s face when he or she opens the envelope. That, or the look of pained chagrin as they realize that once again I’ve found out where they live. Bwahahaha!

Anyway, Here’s a smattering of the cards I’ve done over the years. Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced the images for some of the earliest ones. I mean, they’re probably on a floppy disk somewhere but who has time to look for it? I’m too busy making cards.

Holiday Greeting, 2009

Holiday Card 2010

Holiday Card 2011

What is with the black and white the last three years? I hadn’t even noticed I was going that route until this moment.

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