Once more…with felting.

Well, my latest goofy attempt at being creative involves lots of dyed raw wool and a host of very, very sharp needles. I saw a talented young guy at a crafts fair in San Jose, selling the cutest little felted animal sculptures and determined that I too, needed to felt. I bought one of his little kits (an owl) and made my first felted sculpture in a felt-by-numbers kind of way.

Having had a modicum of success with that, I moved on to my own original stolen concept – a felted Christmas ornament of Helium, the perky little balloon guy from online animated phenomenon, Strindberg and Helium. I think these animated shorts are pure genius, especially since August Strindberg is basically me with a droopy mustache.

Anyway, I made this little Helium for my good buddy Laura in Chicago and unless she was just feigning pleasure like my mom does every time I try and cook something, I think she was delighted. Right now I’m working on some more surprises for a couple of family members – I figure it’s good practice before I unleash my plan for felting domination on the world in the coming months…

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