Sketch Crawl 2012 – the Zoo

Well despite the chilly, damp weather, my friend Ann and I braved the San Francisco Zoo yesterday for what was for me, the first sketch crawl in at least a year. It wasn’t easy keeping the lines under control while shivering but we did our level best. One up side to going on a day like that – the place was empty!

My favorite animals of the day? “Cynthia and Zakary” – a mother/baby koala combo who were adorably cute spooning away during their joint nap.

Up for “saddest exhibit” – the Meerkats who were all huddled together on a rock, trying to stay warm. It was so pathetic watching them shiver. Somebody get these guys a space heater! Or at least a bunch of tiny wool sweaters.

The rest of the time was spent watching a majestic horned owl, some gorgeous flamingos, a gaggle of entertaining penguins and some surprisingly combative prairie dogs.

Here’s hoping this is a trend we can continue so I don’t stop drawing for months on end.

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