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  • GDC 2012: Day 3 – Top Hats and Talk-backs

    Well, GDC is over for another year and for me, this one was a weird one. I don’t know if it was a lack of focus on my part, or the attendees’ bizarre need to wear attention-getting hats that got me down, but somehow things felt different. I swear, what’s with the hat thing? Aside from men in kilts, the one thing you see too much of at game conferences are silly hats. In one day I saw a dude [...]

  • GDC 2012 Journal: Day 2 – Land of Confusion

    Yeah, I hate that cut-rate Genesis song too, but unfortunately, it accurately represents the way my second day at the conference went. This is the first year I tried to drop the habit of using an Excel printout of my schedule in favor of doing what everyone else does–using their phone calendars. Not good. I literally bungled the entire day and missed three separate meetings. I should be high on the PR shit list by now. Other than (or because [...]

  • GDC 2012 Journal: Day 1 – Chainsaws and Chicken Skewers

    Well, the Game Developer’s Conference has crept up on me again and this year I’ve been smarter and not over-scheduled myself. For instance, I did nothing yesterday but attend a press event for Lollipop Chainsaw at Minna Gallery. The peeps at Warner Bros. Interactive were ready to do it up right, with a big zombie bus parked outside… …and waitstaff dressed (very convincingly, I might add) as zombies. I don’t know, but there’s something unsettling about accepting a chicken skewer [...]