Archives: May2012

  • Sketching in Santa Cruz

    We just took a weekender in Santa Cruz and these are my little sketchy remembrances of the trip. We hit the beach one day for a couple hours…tough, b/c no one wanted to sit still long enough to be drawn. We stayed in a B&B on the water called The Darling House. Nick, worn out from the 60 minute drive to Santa Cruz, takes a nap.

  • Sketch Crawl San Francisco

    I’ve been remiss in my sketch-crawling and I once again, missed the big sketch crawl gathering in the last month or so. However, I have done a few little drawings of my own in recent days. In the last few weeks I’ve been in SF on different occasions and here’s a few little nothings I did at the Embarcadero… at Rincon Center… and hanging with the freaks at Dolores Park…

  • Waiting for McGuffin

    Don’t be misled – this is unfortunately, not about the brilliant Christopher Guest movie, Waiting for Guffman. It’s about coming up with ideas for story pitches, which when it really comes down to it, kinda sucks. In fact, few things take as much out of a person as trying to come up with an idea good enough to be expressed in a short paragraph, and strong enough to convince other people to spend money on it. Today’s fiction-related difficulty is [...]