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  • E3 2012: A post blatantly unrelated to games.

    First day of the expo and I sprung (sprang? springed?) out of bed bright and early, got some free breakfast in the hotel dining room and… went back to bed. Much as I love games (seriously, I do – they’re what I spend 100% of my work time and 98% of my free time playing, writing and/or thinking about) I’ve outgrown the need to be the first to see every last thing the minute it comes out. Besides, there’s just [...]

  • E3 2012: Pressers and Pickers – Part 3

    By now, if you’re still with me, you’re getting an idea of how wearying the press event Monday was. After Ubisoft, everyone hopped a bus to the Sony press conference, which is always held at a memorial sports arena with a parking lot large enough to accommodate a fleet of food trucks. This year was a touch disappointing since the cupcake truck was missing and there were several duplicate trucks in the mix. Even so, they did have an ice [...]

  • E3 2012: Pressers and Pickers – Part 2

    So. Post-Microsoft, I had a few hours to kill before Ubisoft’s press conference so I spent some time walking around downtown L.A. There’s always an interesting parade of bizarre shop windows and unusual character types. I passed this somewhere in the so-called Fashion District. It was a home furnishings store/gallery full of oddness. I actually dug the chair and could totally see sitting in it, answering the petitions of rural peasants. Passing an arcade, I saw one of those eerie [...]

  • E3 2012: Pressers and Pickers – Part 1

    I predict no subsequent day of E3 will be as exhausting at the first day. I attended three different press conferences today: Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony, and by the end of it all, I was wiped out when I got back to my hotel at 9pm (and still had to stay awake another three hours to write.) Microsoft was up first, and as usual, they had us wait for ages outside the venue where having forgotten to bring anything to [...]

  • The Pre-E3 Jitters

    Sunday, the day before the madness begins. Proof that I’ve already started getting in the E3 mode? I’m already eating like crap. Today was amazingly uneventful. I didn’t have to sit by any crazy people, my flight was on time, my hotel room is clean and pleasant and actually has a flat screen TV. It’s kinda weird. Makes me think tomorrow morning on the way to the convention center, a meteor’s going to fall out of the sky and make [...]