The Pre-E3 Jitters

Sunday, the day before the madness begins. Proof that I’ve already started getting in the E3 mode? I’m already eating like crap.

I'm changing it up this year - Promax instead of Payday candy bars.

Today was amazingly uneventful. I didn’t have to sit by any crazy people, my flight was on time, my hotel room is clean and pleasant and actually has a flat screen TV. It’s kinda weird. Makes me think tomorrow morning on the way to the convention center, a meteor’s going to fall out of the sky and make me a permanent part of the 110 Harbor Freeway. So far, the only weirdness I’ve seen is this sign in a store on the admittedly sketchy street my hotel’s on:

They must've put this guy behind bars for being just too entertaining?

Oh, and this was pretty nifty – one of the ginormous ads near the Staples Center.

Elder Scrolls!

Got to the convention center w/out incident, had a staff meeting, met the nice folks at the E3 Daily, had a so-so roast beef sandwich for dinner, didn’t encounter any drugged out homeless on the way back to the hotel. What the hell is wrong with you, LA? Anyhoo, better rest up. Got an early call tomorrow morning. Time and Microsoft wait for no man.

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