E3 2012: A post blatantly unrelated to games.

First day of the expo and I sprung (sprang? springed?) out of bed bright and early, got some free breakfast in the hotel dining room and… went back to bed. Much as I love games (seriously, I do – they’re what I spend 100% of my work time and 98% of my free time playing, writing and/or thinking about) I’ve outgrown the need to be the first to see every last thing the minute it comes out. Besides, there’s just so much to see here, you’re sure to miss something. Needless to say, I arrived at the expo hours late – around 2:30. Axl Rose would’ve been proud.

My relaxed impulse was apparently right on the money; it was near impossible to really see anything since people were packed tighter’n Kirstie Alley’s spanx. Unable to get my hands on anything resembling a controller, I settled for watching over people’s shoulders and drifting around snapping photos of the displays.

I also spent some time engaging in one of my favorite E3 activities – making a complete fool of myself posing for game prop photos. I managed to squeeze in a picture in a giant mech at the Defiance booth, one in an alien mech suit at the Aliens Colonial Marines booth and one in the captain’s chair at the Star Trek: The Game booth. The last I asked the two young ladies wearing Starfleet uniforms to lean to the right, as if we’d just taken a direct hit. =D (note – gotta scan these before I can post ‘em here)

Besides taking silly pictures, my other favorite E3 activity is watching people play dance games. This guy at the Dance Central 3 booth was totally cracking me up. He was like the poor man’s Zach Galifianakis, dancing like his life depended on it. He was SO into Maroon 5′s “Moves Like Jagger” – or at least, was really good at pretending to be.

Look into my eyes and I'll own you.

Also entertaining was the exhibit from the Museum of Video Game History. They had all manner of old video games, consoles and memorabilia on display, including these Pac Man puffy stickers from 1982 – I used to have these! I stuck ‘em all over my furniture.

I admit, today wasn’t all that productive. I was still tired from yesterday, but tomorrow I plan on getting there early and really doing the rounds. My main goal is to score a pair of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ears. I saw people walking around wearing them, customized with their names and everything and I wanted some! Unfortunately, by the time I figured out where the Disney booth was, they’d cut the line off for the day. I’m hoping to be one of the first in line tomorrow. Hey, with a name like mine, I don’t find a lot of personalized items.

After a hit-and-miss dinner at Trader Vic’s (delicious beef tenders served with utterly inedible, tough-as-diced burlap greens and a $10 frozen girlie drink with zero alcohol), I made my way back to the hotel, stopping for a couple of points of local interest. First, I found this place that if Nick ever decides to cut his hair, will give him one of their wide variety of manly haircuts.

Second, I found this place – if I’m not mistaken, it’s attached to the convenience store where last E3, some nice lady very sincerely blessed me when I bought a Three Musketeers bar. It’s pretty cool that the East L.A. homies are still down with JC.

You think anyone has the nerve to surf porn in this place?

Well, it’s nearly bed time. Better rest up – lots of people to run rough-shod over tomorrow morning, on the way to getting my Oswald ears.

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