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  • Last Gasp Summer Sketch Crawl – A Lesson in Disappointment

    Well, I wanted to fit in one more sketch crawl before this summer was over so I went down to San Jose yesterday, in hopes of spending a whole day drawing at the zoo. What I didn’t know was the San Jose zoo is really a kiddie park with only a handful of animals. What with all the screaming kids and blazin’ hot temperatures, I couldn’t stand it for more than a couple hours and this is all I got. [...]

  • Summer Sketch Crawl

    While typing the title to this post, I accidentally typed in “Sumer Sketch Crawl”. Land sakes, how different THAT sketch crawl would be! Why, that would mean every image would be filled with googly-eyed hand-wringing. As it is, this post is about SUMMER sketch crawling, and as Emily Litella would say, “That’s very different”. These definitely aren’t prize-worthy, but they represent a good six hours of drawing, which for me is pretty good, and making them will help imprint these [...]