Summer Sketch Crawl

While typing the title to this post, I accidentally typed in “Sumer Sketch Crawl”. Land sakes, how different THAT sketch crawl would be! Why, that would mean every image would be filled with googly-eyed hand-wringing.

As it is, this post is about SUMMER sketch crawling, and as Emily Litella would say, “That’s very different”.

These definitely aren’t prize-worthy, but they represent a good six hours of drawing, which for me is pretty good, and making them will help imprint these locations on my sieve-like brain.

The day started at a salt works, progressed to a 19th century saloon and ended at a Peet’s coffee in downtown San Carlos. Not a bad day’s work if I do say so myself.

I pass this place just about daily, taking my husband to work. I tried but didn’t really capture the arid desolation of it, and it’s not the same without the zoo-like smell that emanates from it.

Kinda bungled the dome on this one, and the big blank shape in front is a palm tree I didn’t add any detail to.

Edited out lots of light fixtures and tables/chairs. The image was busy enough. I’m convinced the drawing would have been stronger if I’d allowed myself one of their lemon tarts.

Loved this place. A real neighborhoo dive I found by driving up into the hills to Woodside. It was full of 50-somethings who all knew one another but who were surprisingly friendly to a stranger such as myself. It could have been totally weird since I was the only woman (at first) aside from the bartender, but it was a good time, just sipping a beer and listening to the various conversations which ranged from fixing auto maintenance lights to Jennifer Lopez concerts.

The Thursday night farmer’s market was in full swing but it was pretty dang roasty outside so I took pulled up a chair near the window at the local air-conditioned Peets.

One more view from my perch at Peet’s.

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