Last Gasp Summer Sketch Crawl – A Lesson in Disappointment

Well, I wanted to fit in one more sketch crawl before this summer was over so I went down to San Jose yesterday, in hopes of spending a whole day drawing at the zoo. What I didn’t know was the San Jose zoo is really a kiddie park with only a handful of animals. What with all the screaming kids and blazin’ hot temperatures, I couldn’t stand it for more than a couple hours and this is all I got. Pathetic.

I left and went downtown, hoping there’d be something of interest down there to draw. I should have remembered San Jose’s kinda ugly so once again, I was stymied. I went to the art museum and saw a pretty cool show of Mexican art, but didn’t stay to draw anything b/c the museum’s cafe is so unpleasant, so I walked around sweating and finally settled down across from the Tech Museum where I did this with my glasses off:

Finally, to escape the heat I went for a coffee in a nearby cafe and attempted to draw the outdoor seating area and my miniature apple pie which here looks like a pile of God-knows-what.

All in all, a very disappointing day. Looks like summer’s over sooner than I thought.

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