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  • G-Star Journal: Final Day

    Whoa-kay. As I write this, I’m exhausted. I was on the move literally all day long. I was still hoping to get in to see some more stuff at G-star, but that didn’t work out since I didn’t hear from our contact until very late in the day. With G-Star sort of a bust, I started my day with a coastal walk. Not too far from my hotel is the historic APEC meeting site and a long wooden path leads [...]

  • File this under Wtf

    So I was walking last night to the club where the party was, and took one of the few sidewalks on a side street. A tall hedge blocked the sidewalk from the street and on the other side was a long, low building. As I drew up to it, I noticed there was a young woman in her underwear in a red-lit room behind a floor to ceiling sliding glass door, pretending to be going about her toilette. Moving on, [...]

  • G-Star Journal: Day 3, Part 3 – Signage (my Internet’s back)

    OK, so on with the signs. Now, I love this. It’s not properly a sign, but I found it inside a public restroom. As far as I can tell, when you push the button, all it does is make a fake flushing noise. Perhaps to cover the bodily functions of the more introverted patrons? Coffee (to my relief) is big here, and little cafes are everywhere you look. There was even a cute little game at G-Star called “I Love [...]

  • G-Star Journal: Day 3, Part 3 – Signage and Drunken Douchebags

    No, the title isn’t alliterative but it fits. The party was a bust. I walked to the Paradise Hotel at 9, hungry and hoping there’d be food but there wasn’t any. What I did find however, were a slew of assholes who were already utterly tanked. Things got rolling when some Eeyore-like dude in line to get into the club came up and said in what he probably thought was a world-weary, sardonic tone, “So what are YOU doing here?” [...]

  • G-Star Journal: Day 3, Part 2 continued – Signs, Subways and Street Food

    So after covetously eyeing all the seafood at Jalgachi, I turned away from the water and toward the hills. Walking into the streets I ran into seriously, the biggest, most crowded and most incredible shopping and dining area I’ve ever seen. Shops lined all the floors of 2-3 story buildings and the narrow streets were packed with vendors selling clothes, shoes, handbags, sleepwear, hats, Hello Kitty – you name it. Squeezed in among the vendors were little carts selling all [...]

  • G-Star Journal: Day 3, Part 1 – Signs, Subways and Street Food

    I started today by making myself late waiting half an hour (no joke) for a latte. Granted, it was a black bean latte (yes, really) but that’s got to be the longest I’ve ever waited for any beverage, hot, cold or alcoholic. I wanted to try the black bean and it was better than you’d think, sort of a cross between a soy latte and a hot chocolate in texture and taste. I did worry after drinking it though, that [...]

  • G-Star Journal: Day 2, Part 3 – Korean BBQ and the Kindness of Strangers

    Today’s events were as exhausting as they were interesting, so when I got back to the hotel, I immediately passed out. Seriously, I could have slept through the night until tomorrow morning, and I tried to tide myself over with absurdly overpriced cookies from the honor bar in my room: …but I figured I should get up for dinner so I dragged myself out to the street around 8 pm. There’s a lot of stuff near my hotel, neon lights [...]

  • G-Star Journal: Day 2, Part 2 – Babe-o-rama

    Bathroom debacle done with, I went to the lobby for breakfast. I thought I’d slept pretty well but obviously I hadn’t, because the first thing I did upon entering the restaurant was trip on a step I didn’t see and make a complete fool of myself. Yeah, that’d be great – sprain my ankle before the show even starts. Thankfully, I recovered once I saw the breakfast buffet. There were a lot of different choices, some American, some Korean, some [...]

  • G-Star Journal: Day 2 – Part 1

    Due to the insanely long travel times, Day 1 (November 6th) and Day 2 (November 7th) run together like a crazy, airplane-peanut-fueled fever dream, so for the sake of the narrative, let’s call this (November 8th) Day 2. In some ways, flying here was easier jetlag-wise than flying to Europe has ever been. By the time I got here, it was 10pm so I was able to just hit the pillow and sleep rather than try to hallucinate my way [...]

  • G-Star Journal: Day 1

    Last night I was nauseous at the thought of getting on a plane and flying half way around the world, especially by myself. Now that I’m no longer the fetching young thing I once was, I definitely worried that if something were to go wrong, I’d be stuck fending for myself. I find in middle age, I’m not quite as good as I used to be, at drawing in helpful strangers. Anyway, ignoring feelings of major trepidation, I boarded the [...]