Sewing Project – iPad case 2.0

Well, this is my second attempt at an iPad case and although it’s better than my first disastrous attempt, it still looks a bit like the Little Rascals made it. I’m not even 100% sure it’ll fit an iPad since as I was trying to even out the seams (which still aren’t), it got progressively smaller. Ah well.

What’s cool is that I made it out of Goodwill finds. The material comes from a wool scarf I paid a couple bucks for and I the leather ends are made from a black leather skirt I bought for four bucks. So at least there’s not too much money getting flushed away on this experiment and I can chalk this up as one more project and a good number of hours more sewing experience under my belt.

Yeah, I um...MEANT to make it lumpy and uneven.

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