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  • Portland Brewery Tour – Day 2 (Part 2)

    After the pie debacle and with the sun waning, we walked to the nearest bus stop, intending to round the day out with a trip to Fabric Depot on 122nd Street. A woman who looked like a red-headed Virginia Madsen (who incidentally, I believe is a seriously underrated actress. How the HELL is she related to Michael Madsen?) …and her small daughter were there waiting and as we stood there, a guy rode woozily up on a bike and started [...]

  • Portland Brewery Tour – Day 2 (Part 1)

    Today we definitely got our money’s worth out of this Portland trip. It being Sunday, we considered finding a brunch place but eschewed that after some research, in favor of a food truck breakfast. We rode the bus to the Historic Mississippi district which boasted blocks of interesting shops, restaurants and cafes. We started with the little food truck arena (basically the size of an empty parking lot with around eight permanent food stalls). The best candidate was Miss Kate’s [...]

  • Portland Brewery Tour – Day 1

    We got to Portland midafternoon after waiting an extra hour for take-off. Once again, we were seated at the back of the plane near the toilets – the perfect place to inhale jet fuel fumes and other noxious gases. The ride was punctuated by a tenacious infant ten rows up who screamed and howled until he sounded like a fetal version of Tom Waits. My head was pounding by the time we hit the tarmac. We took the light rail [...]

  • Portland Sketch Crawl

    On our trip to Portland last month, I got in a surprising amount of sketching. It was easy, since my husband had beer samplers to keep him busy. This was at a downtown tap room – this girl looked more like my niece than my niece does. This was a departure from sketching collective imbibing – a semi-blind contour of Nick.