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  • Stockholm Sketch Crawl

    Even with hours of walking and too many honey meads, I still managed to squeeze in some sketching in Stockholm. Below are a handful of things I drew up while basking in the Scandinavian spring.

  • Stockholm Journal: Day 6 –

    I’m goin’ to Gamla Stan, Only got twenty kronor in my pocket, I, I, I’m huntin’, lookin’ for a Semla, Stockholm’s f*cking awesome Well, the last day is done – only 9 more hours before I leave the land of the $20 hamburger. I swear, I burned through my money so fast here, it’s fortunate I was only on my own for 3 days. Next time I decide to come to Scandinavia, I’ll take out a bank loan first. Despite [...]

  • Stockholm Journal: Day 5 – Fake Limbs and Chicky Bits

    The second day of nonstop walking and I’m definitely feeling it. I might actually need a hip replacement after this trip. Today I decided to go to Skansen, an outdoor museum featuring old Scandinavian buildings from as far back as the 1300′s. It reminded me of Greenfield Village in Michigan. It was a really big place, with not only the buildings set up in different farmsteads and villages, but with a small zoo with native Scandinavian animals. It’s pretty incredible [...]

  • Stockholm Journal: Day 4 – Part Tva

    Yeah, it’s not easy to top the Abba Museum and I didn’t manage to. A nice woman on the tram had recommended I go to the Rosendals area and so I did but honestly, I wasn’t that excited by it. It was like a big gardeny area next to a place where an artsy Swedish prince created a retreat for himself. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t that memorable. It was kind of like any big open space with patchy [...]

  • Stockholm Journal: Day 4 – Abba Museum!

    Today was the first day I had all to myself and I took full advantage of it. I slept in, then went to my new hotel, then took myself out walking all over the city. My new hotel is in Vasastan, which is totally modern (well, mostly – some buildings look old but it’s very contemporary and commercial). I took the train – btw, the subway stations are nutty. They’re themed and the raw rock is painted in different ways. [...]

  • Stockholm Journal – Day 3

    As I write this, my eyes are once again blurred and my thoughts fuzzied (is that a word?) by drink. We had a long time before dinner and I filled the time with two beers, then when we got to our awesome dinner location I availed myself again, this time with mead and cinnamon schnapps. Should make for an interesting blog post – or perhaps, an unintelligible one. We had another round of Europa Universalis today, starting at 10 am. [...]

  • Stockholm Journal – Day 2

    Whoa. The air here is super-dry. I wouldn’t have expected that from a city of islands surrounded by water, but so it is and my nasal passages are protesting it. This morning Paradox Interactive sent taxis for everyone and took us to their Stockholm studios. While waiting for my taxi, I had to smile as this 10 yr old kid walked by, talking intensely on the phone. What’s this tiny hipster doing early morning in the Gamla Stan, hissing into [...]

  • Stockholm Journal Day 1 continued

    Ughhhhh….Ugh……Ughhh….. Bone tired. I managed a three hour nap on my plank-sized bed, then stumbled out into the twilight to look for food. The concierge recommended a place that looked awesome but it cost something like $80 to eat there. I, foolish girl, thought I was doing well by going to a pub near the hotel (most restaurants are closed Sunday evening. Go figure.) but again, walking back to the hotel, I realized I’d paid like, $50 for dinner! Holy [...]

  • Stockholm Journal – Day 1

    This month I had the unexpected good fortune to receive an invitation to travel to Stockholm, Sweden. The Universe must have been listening because I’m busily researching a few Scandinavian things for a creative project and so the timing couldn’t be better. Still, I’m here first and foremost to preview a strategy game called Europa Universalis IV, a game which is intimidatingly deep and asks players to do nothing less than run an entire country (or countries) for a span [...]