Stockholm Journal Day 1 continued


Bone tired. I managed a three hour nap on my plank-sized bed, then stumbled out into the twilight to look for food. The concierge recommended a place that looked awesome but it cost something like $80 to eat there. I, foolish girl, thought I was doing well by going to a pub near the hotel (most restaurants are closed Sunday evening. Go figure.) but again, walking back to the hotel, I realized I’d paid like, $50 for dinner! Holy schmoly. I’ve decided – for the rest of the journey, I’m going to look for prices in the realm of 100 SEK for individual meals. No more! This six-to-one conversion is really confusing me.

Anyway, I went out during the “magic hour” and took a few snaps:

Aah…the universal language of geek. :)

Obviously, the Swedish people have Kim Kardashian’s number.

The view from a bridge near the Gamla Stan. Gorgeous!

Needing to go back to my room and study up on Europa Universalis IV, I decided to just eat at a pub near my hotel. A place called Pickwick. The wait staff was really nice but I’d forgotten what it was like to eat when people are blowing clouds of cigarette smoke in your face. Even outdoors it was rough. I decided to try some Scandinavian fare and ordered some reindeer in cream sauce:

–which I hate to say, reminded me a lot of my dad’s old army recipe for S.O.S. I made matters worse by ordering another heavy cream dish, namely “Johannsen’s Surprise”.

- a horrible photo. This dish is a creamy gratin type of potato thing with herring. It was good but far too rich, especially after the reindeer soaked in mayo I’d eaten moments before. The surprise I think refers to the herring, but as I mentioned, the real surprise was paying $50 for dinner. =/

I’m back in my room now, studying up for tomorrow. I bought myself dessert at a sweet shop – this amazing marshmallow/chocolate/coconut thing, some “LOKA” (their motto is “LOKA Likes Old School!”) sparkling water in Lemon Pie flavor, and a chocolate caramel thing called unappetizingly, “Plopp”. I saw a whole display of them at the airport and had to try one.

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