Stockholm Journal: Day 4 – Part Tva

Yeah, it’s not easy to top the Abba Museum and I didn’t manage to. A nice woman on the tram had recommended I go to the Rosendals area and so I did but honestly, I wasn’t that excited by it.

It was like a big gardeny area next to a place where an artsy Swedish prince created a retreat for himself. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t that memorable. It was kind of like any big open space with patchy grass and tall trees. I did enjoy seeing one of Rodin’s “Thinkers” hanging out in the garden.

I rode the tram back to town, wrestled again with the subway system and then ended up walking blocks and blocks to my hotel. I really needed a coffee by then so I went to a place around the corner from my hotel called “Espresso House”. All I wanted was a normal cup of coffee and since lattes were again nearly $6 I was thinking a coffee would be cheaper like it is in the ‘States. The girl at the counter poured me one of the worst, most stale, hardly-even-hot cups of coffee I’ve ever had and it was still $5.50!! I know, I know. I keep bitching about the prices but geez – I thought Paris was expensive! I’ll never complain about San Francisco prices again.

I swore I would go back to my room to do some research before going out looking for some dinner and I did but I discovered that for people in Stockholm, $14 per plate of food is considered cheap. Most restaurants – not even nice ones – want $16-25 per plate and as far as I can tell, it’s literally impossible to get something like say, a $4 burrito. I can’t imagine how people afford to live here unless proportionally, their pay is so much more than ours is in the U.S. I was hungry enough finally to give up the search for cheap eats and went to a modest little Italian joint nearby (after all the reindeer and fish and cream sauce and mayo I was ready for a change).

It wasn’t bad food and wasn’t a bad value considering they gave me a big piece of cheesy bread with my pasta (guess no one’s told them you don’t usually get bread with pasta) and a heaping bowl of cole slaw. I’m supposing that’s the local taste imposing itself on the Italian theme? Never in my life have I been given cole slaw with pasta.

After that, my night was so boring, I got stuck wandering around a grocery store. That’s where I encountered these. I love the name. It’s like they couldn’t be bothered coming up with something catchy and were like “eff it – let’s call ‘em Snack Balls.”

Mmm....balls on which to snack.

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