Stockholm Journal: Day 5 – Fake Limbs and Chicky Bits

The second day of nonstop walking and I’m definitely feeling it. I might actually need a hip replacement after this trip.

Today I decided to go to Skansen, an outdoor museum featuring old Scandinavian buildings from as far back as the 1300′s. It reminded me of Greenfield Village in Michigan. It was a really big place, with not only the buildings set up in different farmsteads and villages, but with a small zoo with native Scandinavian animals. It’s pretty incredible what the Swedish people have managed to make out of wood. Imagine how much time cladding this building would take.

The place was crawling with kids. What with the cotton candy and the popcorn and the candied nuts, it was kind of like Disneyland but with lots more snacks made of moose meat. I spent a few hours there and then determined to squeeze some more history in, went to the Swedish History Museum to look at the Viking relics.

They have a large collection there; the exhibits are nicely done and I took a lot of reference pictures. One of the strangest things they had on display was this reliquary that was said to contain part of the arm bone of St. Brigitta. It looks like something Goldfinger would have made for himself if he lost an arm. Either that or C-3PO’s spare.

After the museum, I walked through the Ostermalm area and spotted this sign for a rare Swedish treat…

A couple blocks down, I spotted this strange tableau. What happened here? Did the crowd get nasty when the Apple store opened late? The thing had been set on fire.

Seven full hours of walking and I’m utterly beat. I’m seriously considering finding a bus tour or something tomorrow, just so I can spend a few hours off my feet.

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