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  • Minsk Journal – Days 1 and 2

    Well, I’ve been awake for around 30 hours now and I’m exhibiting all the symptoms of extreme exhaustion – confusion, disorientation, unstoppable giggling… The trip to Minsk was no joke and involved a plane from SFO to Washington D.C., then another from D.C. To Frankfurt, Germany, and another from Frankfurt to Minsk. In between, hours of waiting around and a long shuttle ride to the hotel made this a truly epic journey. It’s funny the way going through this kind [...]

  • Fingerless Glove Prototype #4

    I’ve been beating my head against this fingerless glove idea for a few months now with limited success. There’s a reason so many people are making them out of old sweaters or knitting them – it’s far easier than using regular fabric. I made the whole process harder of course, by choosing a salvaged velvet with absolutely zero give and that ended three separate times in utter failure. I’ve made alterations to the pattern I bought but they are still [...]