Fingerless Glove Prototype #4

I’ve been beating my head against this fingerless glove idea for a few months now with limited success. There’s a reason so many people are making them out of old sweaters or knitting them – it’s far easier than using regular fabric. I made the whole process harder of course, by choosing a salvaged velvet with absolutely zero give and that ended three separate times in utter failure.

I’ve made alterations to the pattern I bought but they are still not working right – there’s some odd pulling going on in the thumb area. I’m obviously going to have to draw my own to eliminate that issue. Anyway, today I finished my fourth version, this time in a cotton (it used to be a skirt) that has a little bit of stretch.

You know what they say; try, try again.

Not exactly a steampunk print.

There’s all kinds of sloppiness still going on with this and I still haven’t figured out the cleanest way to put a lining in. Still, the thumb situation is steadily improving.

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