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  • Minsk Journal: Day 4 – Part II

    Mention was made last post, of tank rides. Well that’s how we began the party. In a setup that would never EVER be allowed in the U.S., the fun-loving folks at the Stalin’s Line allowed mobs of partygoers to swarm a handful of real tanks. It was like a scene out of World War Z with the tanks impaired by all the bodies. Of course, an opportunity like this is rare so when we got to the site, my [...]

  • Minsk Journal: Day 4 Tours and Tank Rides

    The fourth day of the Minsk adventure and my energy’s definitely flagging. I was excited however, about this morning’s city tour. They hustled us onto buses and I had high hopes of getting to walk around a central area. As it was, we were given the fast-forward tour and were shown a lot of things from the windows of the moving bus and were only allowed to get out a couple of times for very brief periods. We did get [...]

  • Minsk Journal: Day 3 – Part II

    OK, so the morning was about WWII. After lunch we went to an entirely different area of Stalin’s Line and geared up for a medieval battle. Again, the costumes were made for men and after the grenade debacle, I figured I probably wouldn’t be able to stay on my feet with both sword and chain mail. They put a black wool cleric’s robe on me which gave me a pretty good idea of what it’s like to wear a sweaty [...]

  • Minsk Journal: Day 3 – Tanks for the Memories

    Well no way you could prepare for a day like today, nuh uh, no sir. It began really tame with a breakfast buffet and ended with all of us playing dress up and screaming “rawr” a lot. Since I failed to mention it in my last post, I’m here to cover’s 15th anniversary. The festivities are taking place tomorrow at a place called The Stalin Line, which is NOT a hipster club (I can just see Stefan from Saturday [...]