Minsk Journal: Day 4 – Part II

Mention was made last post, of tank rides. Well that’s how we began the Wargaming.net party. In a setup that would never EVER be allowed in the U.S., the fun-loving folks at the Stalin’s Line allowed mobs of partygoers to swarm a handful of real tanks. It was like a scene out of World War Z with the tanks impaired by all the bodies.

Tanks. Tanks a lot.

Of course, an opportunity like this is rare so when we got to the site, my group more or less ran to the tank rides. We jumped aboard a big camouflaged monster, hoping the tiny metal rings we clung to would prevent us from falling off and going under the treads. The tank driver then blew a blast of thick, black exhaust all over us and we were off! The ride was short – just a quick spin around a field on a muddy, rutted track, but it was awesome.

It wasn’t easy to top that experience but we still had a really good time at the party. They had stations set up all over this huge place where you could fire real guns (with blanks), play carnival games, grab cocktails, etc.

One of the main points of the event was to gather “Warbucks” which functioned like arcade tickets – you collect them and then redeem them for prizes. They had some cool stuff (I had my eye on the knitted tank – yes, you heard right – knitted tank) but alas, none of it was destined to be mine. Somehow, as hard as we tried, everyone else was way better at building their Warbucks stash and by the time any of us had enough to get anything, all the prizes were gone!

Nothing to spend my Warbucks on. Sad face.

We consoled ourselves by drinking more than our share of the cocktails.


Oh, and beating the crap out of each other with fake swords.

There's no giggling in sword play.

All in all, it was an amazing party. They’d flown something like 80% of their employees from around the world to attend, had jets buzzing the field, bands playing (including of all people, the Offspring) and tables full of liquor and food – pretty incredible. I’ll say it again – this beats the heck out of working a “real” job.

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