Vampire Gloves

Well, no longer being gainfully employed leaves me plenty of time for sewing. I was given a piece of soft, fuzzy red fabric of the sort you would usually see made into Christmas stockings and made it into soft, fuzzy fingerless gloves. To try and play down the “Santa” feeling, I embellished them with salvaged black crochet trim and black, subtly sparkly buttons I got at SCRAP. I know they’re a bit sloppy here and there, but I’m just happy they fit, they’re comfortable, and they look halfway decent.

We wish you a vampy Christmas.

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  • Debbie says:

    Nice red gloves! I love your site and accidently discovered it trying to locate your phone number while Steve is away with his cell phone. I have interesting news. Please give a call this week … I keep missing you :)
    Stay toasty in your red gloves.

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