Warsaw Day 5 – Never, under any circumstances, ever stop eating.

The weather forecast said it’d be sunny and 64 degrees today. The weather forecast lied. This was a bummer because before going back to the venue to witness the climax of the World of Tanks Grand Finals, the press and some Wargaming people hopped on buses for a whirlwind city tour. The ride around the city might have been nice but for the constant amplified sound of the tour guide’s voice competing with two rows of German guys behind me who talked the ENTIRE TIME.

I’ve seen groups when they don’t speak a tour guide’s language, talk amongst themselves because they feel left out. These guys totally spoke English though, so they can’t use that excuse. They were just a rude group of jerks.

About to give Chopin a whompin'.

Anyway, we went to Lazienski Park, the largest park in Warsaw. It wasn’t quite green yet, but it did feature an impressive statue of Frederik Chopin next to what looks like Harry Potter’s Whomping Willow. It also had lots of royal summer residences, other beautiful sculptures, squirrels a-plenty.

The king preferred informal summer decor.

We basically breezed through the park (I might just go back tomorrow), skipping many interesting and picturesque things, and got back on the bus to take an equally fast-motion tour of the Old Town. There, the Harry Potter theme inadvertently continued when we saw this girl doing her levitation act.


The tour was meant to continue on beyond Old Town, but we decided to jump ship (or jump bus, as the case may be) and find something to eat instead. We found this amazing little place that served “the best noodles in Warsaw since 1682″. The food there was very good, but my favorite thing about it was the decor which was all painted on. The clocks, the wood paneling, the light fixtures – everything. So clever!

I'm going to throw all my furniture away and do this.

The only way to have a deer head.

After a lunch of kvass and pierogies (never can get enough pierogies – these ones were meat fried in cheddar cheese sauce – oh mah gawd), we walked back to the venue to catch the tail end of the World of Tanks finals. No surprise to anyone – the Russian team Natus Vincer won after beating out yet another Russian team, Virtus Pro. Check this out – the theater was so packed, this was what the theater lobby looked like with fans watching the matches on monitors.

Rabid World of Tanks fans.

Hard to believe, but once the competition was over and the trophy awarded, we actually considered eating again and started back toward the Old Town. We once again went for traditional Polish food and ended up at Kompania Piwna. This seriously, has got to be the best food value in Warsaw. We all ordered various entrees (only one each this time, thank god) and when they came, we were all taken aback by the size of them. Mine was grilled chicken (like, half a chicken) on top of a huge pile of rice, sauerkraut, cole slaw, garlic potatoes, and on top, thick disks of cheese. We also had a free starter of sauerkraut and pickles. Holy moly. And all of it, with drinks, was only $33.

The highlight of the meal was my gracious host from Wargaming ordering a meat sampler that was absolutely ridiculous. This is what he looked like after eating less than half of it.


He may never eat again. Seriously. Like, I’m not even kidding.

I’m really glad I got to do these foodie things while I had people here to do them with. I’m not sure I’ll go to many sit-down places by myself and with them here, I’ve more or less had my fill of traditional Polish dishes. (Although I might get more honey kvass. That’s damn good stuff.) How the hell do Polish people eat like this? And they’re all tall and skinny too. The next couple of days I’m going to have to do a LOT of walking and cut the eating back as much as possible. In any case, when I get back I’m not looking at a scale for at least a week after getting right back on the Weight Watchers wagon.

Welp, tomorrow’s my first day on my own. Everyone else is heading back home in the morning, but I’m staying here in Warsaw two more days. Should be an adventure.

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