Ten Things I Learned While Visiting Warsaw

1. Young Polish women still wear panty hose. The girls are beautiful, but they insist on wearing grandma-like nude stockings with everything – even shorts.

2. Warsaw’s a clean city, but young Warsavians don’t have respect for the historical buildings – they put graffiti all over them.

3. The Tom Selleck mustache (aka – the modified Lech Walesa) is still widely worn – without irony.

4. Vodka is considered a breakfast food.

5. The Cocomo Go-Go Club is NOT the place to be. According to the news, girls with pink umbrellas pull patrons into the club where they’re given roofy-like drugs in their drinks, robbed and even blackmailed.

6. American culture isn’t as ubiquitous as I expected it to be. Mostly just McDonald’s, KFC and Dancing With the Stars.

7. TJ Maxx here is known as “TK Maxx”.

8. No matter where you go in the world, a clipboard-carrying, post-adolescent member of Greenpeace will find you.

9. Those goofy disposable hotel slippers actually come in handy when the floor’s cold.

10. Polish shower drains make NO sense.

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