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  • E3 2014 Journal Day 4 – Ok, THERE’S the weirdness I’ve come to expect.

    Thus far, E3′s been way too normal. Nothing bizarre has happened and it’s all been so humdrum I started to think something had gone seriously wrong with L.A. Well, today changed all that. Then again, maybe the craziness is my fault. I did ask for it by spending the evening pretending to be an extrovert. As mentioned in a previous post, parties aren’t my thing. Still, I had an invite to an IGDA thing at the Figueroa hotel and I [...]

  • E3 2014 Journal – Day 3: Unleash the hounds!

    Curse you lower back, for keeping me from sleeping in! Hotel mattresses are the worst. Today was the first day for the E3 show floor and as usual, people were willing to wait in line for 2 hours to be the first ones in. I am such a grumpy old lady, but…really? Three minutes after the doors open, the way is totally clear, thus eliminating the need to stand in line. I guess some people are so hysterical about being [...]

  • E3 2014 Journal – Day 2 “Once more unto the breach…”

    If Sunday was boring, Monday definitely made up for it. With two press briefings to cover, I was busier’n a one-armed paper hanger and today feel like I was run over by a luxury shuttle bus. The thing is, I never sleep before an early morning event. I keep waking up every forty minutes and looking at the clock, afraid I’ll oversleep. I probably managed a solid 3 hours before having to get through the most stressful day of the [...]

  • E3 2014 Journal – The Show Before the Show

    The Sunday before the big conference is always surreal. I fly into LA, pay an arm and a leg to take a taxi to my cut-rate hotel, then head out walking through the hot, garbage-strewn streets to the convention center and back. This year’s pre-E3 Sunday’s been dead boring compared to last year’s. No late flights or horror show hotel rooms. All I have to report that’s of any interest at all is my sense of mild horror upon realizing [...]