E3 2014 Journal – The Show Before the Show

The Sunday before the big conference is always surreal. I fly into LA, pay an arm and a leg to take a taxi to my cut-rate hotel, then head out walking through the hot, garbage-strewn streets to the convention center and back.

This year’s pre-E3 Sunday’s been dead boring compared to last year’s. No late flights or horror show hotel rooms. All I have to report that’s of any interest at all is my sense of mild horror upon realizing that taxis now have TV screens, thus preventing us from ever getting away from advertising:

For the love of God, NO MORE.

…and mild amusement at the subtle warning I found in my hotel bathroom re: the consequences of theft.

I guess this means people are constantly running off with their bags stuffed full of sandpaper towels and lumpy pillows?

The other thing of note was an encounter at the local Smart and Final where I went to buy apples (pretending that I’d be snacking on those instead of candy) and was rung out by a cashier named “Elvedette.” Like Joffrey Baratheon, she’s gotta be the first and last of her name.

Beyond this, today’s just been a kind of mental preparation for the craziness of tomorrow’s press conferences and deadlines. Also a Sunday tradition and part of pre-press conference prep – a beer at the Yard House. This year’s selection: Great Divide’s double IPA, “Hercules”.

Aw yeah...this is what it's all about. Well, that and video games.

And now that I’ve had my customary trudge in the sun and my customary beer, it’s time to settle back in front of my wheezing, mostly-ineffective A/C and gather my thoughts for tomorrow. Speaking of thoughts, it occurs to me I haven’t had my customary before-bed candy bar. Looks like it’s time for a trip to the customary vending machine.

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