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  • Wargaming Tournament Trip, Part V – Beer Festival!

    This is mean, but I just couldn’t resist texting my husband (who’s a craft beer fanatic) and telling him, “Guess where I’m going today? I’m such an ass. The festival was (as mentioned before) at Legia Stadium, and I was early so I stood outside for an hour with four other guys who were as anxious as I to sample Poland’s offerings. I asked a question of one particular portly man, and he was a little stand-offish at first. He [...]

  • Wargaming Tournament Trip, Part IV – Americans Are Funny

    Up at 4 am with my head pounding like a male silverback gorilla. Carrying my 90 lb messenger bag the day before resulted in the tension headache to rule all tension headaches and the only solution for that was three ibuprofen and some impromptu Sun Salutations. I didn’t think I’d get to sleep again right away afterwards, so I turned on the tube to maybe catch a Polish info-mercial. Polish rap music echoed off the walls, performed in front of [...]

  • Wargaming Tournament Trip, Part III – Pork Knuckle and Prostration

    Finally made it to Warsaw, don’t ask me how. The flight from Frankfurt was a blur since I was only half-conscious during it. All I remember was an endless ride to the plane, packed like match sticks in a shuttle bus with a hundred other people. It went on so long, I was convinced they were driving us to Poland. I managed to stay vertical until I checked into the Marriott Warsaw, but then the minute I stepped into my [...]

  • Wargaming Tournament Trip, Part II – Try Not to Pee at Frankfurt Airport

    Oh Frankfurt airport, how I’ve missed your inadequate bathrooms! Frankfurt airport is pretty darn big, as evidenced by the 5K I had to endure to get between gates. One positive of aspect of this airport is its free luggage trolleys. Canceled out by that positive is one negative—the airport’s attitude toward the disposal of human waste. Last time I was here, I waited in an endless line for a one-seater women’s toilet. This time, I walked and walked and walked, [...]

  • Wargaming Tournament Trip, Part I – Being mistaken for German and questioning Ridley Scott’s judgment

    It all started with rude Lufthansa employees. The girls at the check-in desk (both before and after security) seemed to think my simple check-in questions were designed to antagonize them, and they made no bones about their disgust at my (and other customers’) informational need. One passenger who approached the desk was actually dismissed with a combination eye-roll and “shooing” motion. You’d think that after the high-profile disaster where one of their pilots intentionally killed a plane load of people, [...]